Mandatory Submission of Mobile Number and Bank Account details – ESIC

The competent authority has ordered to make mobile number and bank account details of an employee mandatory prerequisite for registering as an IP. It is as intimidated by the Insuarance Commisioner to improve the efficiency in the disbursement of ESIC benefits.

In order to capture required information, following would be implemented in the system with effect from 1st july 2020

Bank account details and mobile number while registering new insured persons :-

Mobile Number : While registering a new insured person,the mobile number shall be a mandatory field. When the employer enters the mobile number, the number needs to be validated. If the mobile number is not available in the ESIC records against any Insured Person then system shall allow that mobile number to get saved in the ESIC database against that Insured Person by applying the validation programmed in the system to avoid junk data.

Bank account details : The employer needs to fill the IFS Code of the bank of the employers having an account. System auto- populate some of the details like address, name of the Bank and Branch. Now, the employer shall feed the account number of the employee for basic checking by the system to avoid junk data. The bank account of the Insured Person should be unique in ESIC database and must not attached with another person. Also, the employer shall scan and upload attested copy (with the stamp & signature of the Employer ) of the front page of cancelled cheque leaflet issued by the Bank or the pages of the passbook of Employee showing the Name of the Account holder, Bank name , Bank Branch & IFS code.

Updation of account details and mobile number of existing insured persons :- Mobile Number Updation & Bank account details .
Note :- Bank account details mandatory for availing cash benefits and claim reimbursements.

If you wish to download the official notification on Mandatory Submission of Mobile Number and Bank Account details – ESIC click on the link given below.