Going Beyond Normal Labour Law Compliances

Labour law compliances are one of the mandatory aspects to comply with while forming an organization. Most of the organizations/enterprises have to comply with some of the compliances which are into their checklist. It’s proven that most of the entities do their labour law compliances manually, some may have opted to outsource the labour law services due to inherent advantages. The process may be simple enough but the errors while complying with the compliances will always be a task.

How Traditionally compliances were managed. 

Traditionally compliances used to be managed manually. The typical process was that the person manually handling the compliances was the only one responsible and there was no tracking and monitoring of all the compliances.

  Drawbacks of manually handling compliance.

  1. Time-consuming & unreliable manual reporting
  2. Lack of systematic data processing 
  3. Hassle while verifying the data
  4. Backend Errors
  5. Lack of awareness about compliances requirement
Labour law consultant

Upgrading your traditional method of complying compliances. 

With years of experience in labour law compliances, Compliancetrack is using technology with the Next-Gen statutory compliance tracking tool. There are hundreds of regulatory compliance checklists where half of them are not applicable. To figure out that which one is applicable is always a task. The best practice involves where the consultant uploads the checklist on the software which further will be fulfilled by the organization.

Upgrading your traditional method of complying labour law compliances by using technology will offer you the flexibility of tracking your pending compliance.

Why us?

ComplianceTrack is a technology-driven labour law consulting firm. We offer a one-stop solution for all regulatory and statutory compliance needs. By providing services with our web-based solutions we completely stand out in the competitive market. ComplianceTrack allows you to manage suggested compliance as per your organization’s applicability and by customizing the same as per your requirements.

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